Task Timer

Count your hours and stack the sats*

klokit was developed for freelancers, contractors, consultants, in fact anyone who charges for their time by the hour. It records time spent on projects and tasks and calculates how much money you should be charging.

Keeping it simple

There are numerous freelancer platforms available that bundle together the processes of bidding for work, project management, invoicing and payments.
This is a Good Thing, but it is not our thing.

klokit belongs to the One Thing Done Well school. It simply keeps track of your time, highlighting your Actual Hourly Rate and Quote Accuracy. It also enables you to receive payment in Bitcoin. In return, we ask a very modest fee.

Tear up your time sheets

Forget manual time keeping. Simply open your task list, click the timer, and enjoy using your time productively. When done, click stop and let klokit do its thing.

Charge correctly and build accurate quotes

Comparing Estimated Time to Recorded Time highlights whether you are charging sufficiently for your hours, and enables you to quote more accurately.

Pricing - no monthly fees

In place of paying monthly fees and/or commission, klokit users buy credits to pay for functions.

You will always be able to access your Account, regardless of whether you have any system credits remaining.

Top-up Package EUR €/Credit
75 credits 15.00 0.20
200 credits 30.00 0.15
500 credits 60.00 0.12
Credits used per function
Create a Task 1
Generate BTC Payment Request URL 3

Questions ?

support at klokit dot co
* A single Bitcoin can be divided to eight decimal places (one hundred million units). This smallest unit is named after the entity credited with creating BTC, 'Satoshi', shortened to 'sat'.