Task Timer

Count your hours and stack the sats*

klokit was developed for freelancers, contractors, consultants, in fact anyone who charges for their time by the hour. It records time spent on projects and tasks and calculates how much money you should be charging.
It also enables you to receive payment in Bitcoin.

Quote more accurately

klokit records Estimated Hours for every task created. These estimates are compared with how much time you actually spend on a Project.

By highlighting this Actual Hourly Rate, klokit enables users to build more accurate quotes, and thus earn much closer to their desired income.

Other features

  • Bitcoin exchange rate

    The value of your recorded time is displayed in Bitcoin alongside your chosen currency, calculated automatically using real time exchange rates.
  • Printable Project summary

    Highly customisable. Create a detailed version when sending Quotes, and a simpler version to accompany invoices.
  • Share your progress

    Every Project generates a unique code to share with other klokit users (klokers) so that they can view your time spent as a simple progress bar.
  • Comprehensive API

    Include klokit functionality in your own app.
  • Data export

    A summary of your Project history can be exported as a JSON object.

Wot no mobile ?!

klokit was devised specifically to be used by freelancers using full-sized screens or tablets (programmers, graphic designers, web developers, illustrators, writers, etc). Various aspects of the interface reflect this, making it difficult to squeeze into a mobile format.

We might consider making available a very limited feature set that functions on a small screen (basic task functionality, for example). Until then, you could use the API to access your account from whatever platform you feel is necessary.

Questions ?

support at klokit dot co
* A single Bitcoin can be divided to eight decimal places (one hundred million units). This smallest unit is named after the anonymous entity credited with creating BTC, 'Satoshi', shortened to 'sat'.